The Best Social Media Platforms to Help Sell Your House Faster

The Best Social Media Platforms to Help Sell Your House Faster

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social mediaA lot of house sellers and real estate agents are tapping social media to help sell their houses faster. In the fast-paced and technology-driven world we live in today, everyone needs to adapt to keep up with the changing trends. Social media is one of the most accessible tools anyone can use but not everyone is able to maximize its potential.

For those who do know how to use it efficiently, they are able to reach their potential clients. Real estate agents can put up listings of the houses they are selling and bank on its exposure. At the same time, they can show customers that they are able to keep up with innovation and technology.

Home sellers are also able to generate awareness once they post their house for sale. After all, a lot of buyers are searching for their perfect houses online and social media. As you can see, social media has a huge potential and opportunity for both buyers and sellers.

However, the key to effectively using social media is having the right and smart strategy and approach. You need to learn how it works in order to use various social media platforms more efficiently. One of the things you can do is learn from the best practices from other people who already know how to use it properly.

Here some of the biggest social media platforms you can tap.


Facebook is a goldmine where you can advertise your products and services. Across all social media platforms, Facebook comes in at number one in providing the best analytics tool. It can collect the data you need and help you select the right audience to broadcast and receive your message.

This includes targeting your posts and ads towards a specific group of users. For example, if you are selling your house in Tennessee, you can select who you want to see your post and zero in on certain geographical areas. You can make sure your ad reaches people who are outside Tennessee as well. Technically, it’s up to you on which specific target market you want to tap into.

The beauty of Facebook is you can immediately see who is liking, clicking, sharing and engaging with your post and content. It is also very beneficial for people who want to market their business. A lot of real estate agents in Tennessee are using Facebook to engage directly with their clients. They are able to grow their clientele and at the same time, increase their referral rate.

Tips on How to Post the Right Message

real estateSince this platform directly engages with potential customers, sellers should learn how to get people’s attention. When you’re posting the house you are selling, make sure you upload professional looking photos. A good photo will help attract more views and clicks on your post versus uploading boring shots that look unprofessional.

Since many are using this platform to buy and sell their goods and services, customers are looking for legit and professional sellers. Nobody wants to come across professional scammers and there are a lot of them out there. Your photos should also include the details of the property that you are trying to sell.

Making your post attractive and engaging will allow you to build a connection with the users. Plus, another advantage Facebook has over other social media platforms is that it has no post limit. So, you can say as much as you want about the house you are selling unlike other platforms.

Real estate agents can build and grow a community with their network and audience. Meanwhile, Independent sellers can also use their network to spread the news that they are selling their house.


Instagram is another popular social media platform for sellers. If you want to reach your audience organically, this is perhaps the most effective tool you can use. Using hashtags will help increase your post clicks and visits. Users who are searching for a particular hashtag will come across your photo.

This platform is a great way of capturing the attention of a huge network of people. You’ll be surprised to see how far your post has reached making it an effective way of generating awareness and exposure.

Instagram has different tools that you can use to make your posts more creative. You can shoot a short 15-second video to show your house. Another great idea for creative content is to shoot behind-scenes while you are renovating or finishing your house. Use the geotagging feature to upload your photo on Google map so that people will know the location of where you took the photo.

Remember, Instagram relies heavily on photos. So make sure you have beautiful and engaging photos. You may need to inject more creativity into your shots instead of just the usual point-and-shoot method to attract more views. Play with angles and highlight certain areas of the house you are selling.


Twitter is more about creating engagement with your followers. Like Instagram, you need to learn how to use hashtags to your advantage. Your tweets should be targeted towards your potential clients.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a word limit of 140 characters. Thus, you’ll need to get more creative on your message while still making sure you get your point across. Real estate agents can also benefit from using Twitter to announce news about their company to boost their profile.

When using this platform, it is important to inject the right hashtags that potential clients will likely search for. Using them often will help boost your presence online.

Using Social Media to Sell Your House Faster

You can use all three social media platforms simultaneously to increase your exposure and awareness in all three networks. By developing a smart marketing strategy, you can maximize these platforms to work to your advantage. Scheduling posts and using cross-posting are just some of the ways you can engage with your potential clients.

The best of all, these tools are free. These platforms are more than just connecting with your family and friends. Instead, it has become a powerful tool for growing your business. Whether you’re an individual or a professional real estate agent, social media can have a huge impact on how you conduct your sales.

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